Kindle Paperwhite Review – Includes Special Offers

Kindle paperwhite review – Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High Resolution Display with Next-Gen Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers .

Kindle Paperwhite Review
Kindle Paperwhite Review

To be specific, there is no scarcity of incredible electronic gizmos on the marketplace nowadays – and if you are the sort of person that enjoys your playthings, you possibly have a list of gadgets you would like to get; of course, one of one of the most interesting “gadgets” readily available on the market these days is one you could own already, and that is the Kindle.

The Kindle makes it possible for you to bring hundreds of books around with you any place you go, and to download books from anywhere you are – and exactly what’s additional, reading on the Kindle feels exactly the same as reviewing a book (except that it considers a great deal less and is a great deal easier to handle!); if you are not a Kindle owner, nonetheless – or if you are a Kindle proprietor wanting to update to a more recent design – right here is Kindle assessment for the Kindle Paperwhite – together with our ideas on why the Kindle Paperwhite is the best thing to come along yet!

Battery life: With the Kindle Paperwhite, you get up to 8 weeks of battery life – which is an amazing development in electric battery life for e-book readers; while “lacking battery” utilized to be a problem of owning and using an ebook viewers, your biggest problem now will probably be ensuring you do not shed your wall charger as a result of how rarely you will certainly be utilizing it!

Revolutionary show: If you have actually continued reading a Kindle in the past, you know that the e-ink modern technology used makes reading on a Kindle feel similar to reading on a book, however the Paperwhite has actually taken e-reading to a whole new level; along with its modern screen, the Kindle Paperwhite likewise has a backlight that no other e-book readers could compete with – significance that the Paperwhite is ideal for reading in a normal environment, or for reviewing in a dark area!

Cost: And the location where the Kindle Paperwhite really stands above its peers is in the price, as this model of the Kindle costs just $119; of course, the innovative innovation utilized with this Kindle, in and of itself, would certainly make it an unbelievable alternative, however when it features a price tag so reduced, there is genuinely very little available around the world of technological gizmos and toys that can contend.

The Kindle is one of the most advanced e-book reader available nowadays, and the Paperwhite is the master of the lesson when it pertains to the Kindle; if you have actually been holding off on acquiring an e-book visitor – awaiting just the correct time or simply the ideal item – or if you have a Kindle already and prepare to update, understand that the Paperwhite is below – and it is the leading of the lesson. Truly, you are not going to locate anything on the market that defeats the Paperwhite!

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[Best Laptop For Music Production] – Hear Me Out

Best laptop for music production – Wanna go mobile with a powerful recording device? Yes, the most effective laptop computer for songs manufacturing … they do exist but you should ensure you acquire the right one. I know them all, good and bad so hear me out.(Best PC for Music Production)

best laptop for music production
best laptop for music production

Lots of folks are going mobile these days and I did the exact same point a while ago … I left my large old home computer for a sleek all new laptop computer, it was a Mac Powerbook to be precise.

It used to be that if you were serious about recording at home workshop on a computer system you practically had to go with a tower, or desktop to obtain sufficient power to run your audio recording software program. Well, over the last couple of years some produces have truly put some initiative in to acquiring that very same power that was just found on the large towers in to their notebooks and several of those have actually even made specialized designs especially for songs production.

Now when I discuss the most effective notebook for songs I don’t indicate one that has a wonderful set of sturdy built-in speakers to crank up your mp3′s! We are discussing the best notebook for songs manufacturing so allow’s take a peak under the hood shall we?(Laptop for Music Recording)

best laptop for music production
best laptop for music production

You can not invest $FIVE HUNDRED on the very same computer system a school child does and anticipate to have an effective enough audio equipment. A regular laptop these days may have something like this:.

Intel core i3 2.26 GHz processor.
4GB of RAM.
SATA 5400 RPM Hard Drive.
14″ Show.

(best laptop for music production) – And virtually no exterior harbors besides a few USB ports. Contrast those specs to something like the Roc Box Laptop made by PCAudioLabs:.

Intel Core i5 2.40 GHz (520) Processor.
approximately 8GB of RAM.
SATA2 7200rpm Hard disk drive.
15.6″ Screen.

And as far as external ports which are quite essential in your studio … 1 eSATA harbor, 2 Firewire 400 ports, 3 USB ports, 2 network HD audio with 3D stereo enhanced stereo.

The most crucial distinctions here are really essential points that you’ll see when recording (best laptop for music production)

Slightly much faster processor, double the RAM (this is significant), the Hard disk drive speed of 7200 is necessary for the majority of recording software application programs, and obviously the added harbors, many notably Firewire. The PCAudioLab Rok Box Mobile Notebook HD Pc measures up to some of the Rok Box desktop models which were likewise designed particularly with music production in mind.

This guide on best laptop for music production is to help you deciding the right laptop to use on your music career.

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Buy Targeted Website Traffic – Free Traffic Generator How To Get Free Traffic For Your Website

Buy targeted website traffic - A website created to make you cash must create web traffic, duration. When you know where to locate cost-free website traffic, there is no limit to exactly what you could obtain. Right here are the most successful methods to increase the variety of site visitors to your website, and as a result enhance your profit.

buy targeted website traffic
buy targeted website traffic

Online Classifieds – Buy targeted website traffic

Sites that permit customers to look, offer and upload things for cost-free are a great area to leave your mark. Usage fuzzwords and key phrases to catch individuals’s focus and route them to your money sites.

Think initially concerning exactly what kind of people will regularly see your site, after that make certain that is consistent with who will purchase from you.

Social network – definitely free traffic generator

Facebook is one of the most preferred areas to find free of charge website traffic and the opportunities there are essentially limitless. Set-up a company profile and buzz your products or services. It pays to really be friendly, by getting buddies and encouraging individuals with contests, vouchers and valuable material that enlightens and delights. Come to be referred to as a trouble solver in your particular niche and permit people involve you for responses. As your popularity expands, so will the web traffic on your generated income from websites.

Forums – free traffic generator

This is a quick way to spread the word and your links straight in to your target populace. Equally on social media websites, you need to establish your competence and offer value. Never ever step in to a forum spamming the respiratory tracts, as you’ll quickly be shown the door. Popular online forums are where to discover complimentary traffic and develop a strong on-line track record.

YouTube - free traffic generator

Aside from Google itself, YouTube is the busiest online search engine on the web and a very reliable platform for you to release a campaign to raise customer. Make video clips and offer your website to the world along with class and canny and you will see a distinct increase in site visitors. You could develop a channel and blog post a lot of videos that show your market superiority in one area, including a hyperlink to your main site in every comment box.

Create A Blog – Web Traffic Generator Download

You could set up a blog site on any kind of number of cost-free throwing sites and load it up with guidance that assists people and expertise that impresses them. Keep it short and easy and post to it often. Include a link to your monetized website and turn your subscribers into your customers.

It doesn’t matter exactly how beautiful your web site is or also how good the merchandise and rates are on it, unless it obtains lots of website traffic. Now that you understand where to locate free of charge traffic, nothing should stop you from getting it and making additional money.

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An Additional Guide And Tips On Immediate Traffic To Your Website

If you desire to make certain that you obtain a great deal of website traffic to your internet site, you need to follow a few easy instructions. Given listed below are 7 suggestions which will aid you place added website traffic:.

1. Make certain that you have extraordinary content

The first thing that you have to do is to have good quality material. On the planet Wide Internet, content is the master. The only way in which you can do well and convince terrific internet traffic is by having important product in your website.

Instead of going in for sub-par content which will certainly simply bring about a bad perception after your website site visitors, attempt to devote even more time to your product and generate top quality material.

free traffic generator
free traffic generator

2. Website link exchanges – free traffic generator

Connecting is an excellent aged approach of creating big website traffic to your site. It is a good way of advertising your net site. In order to accumulate links, get in touch with website owners whose websites have material like yours. Get in touch with their owners and exchange web links when you identify such websites. Along with them, you will definitely have the capability to acquire some pertinent internet traffic.

3. Pick affiliates – Network Traffic Generator Free

Associate programs suggest that you will enlisting the services of people to promote your site or products. When using affiliates, see to it that the content on their websites is associated with your website content.

4. Buy targeted website traffic – accepting directory websites.

In order to make your website a lot more noticeable, upload it to well-known directories like Open Directory site Job and Passion. You can furthermore send directory websites which have motifs to ensure their subjects are relevant to your web site. You can likewise opt for little directory sites which can quickly discover a great deal of in expecteded links (internet site) for you.

free traffic generator
free traffic generator

5. Opt for a bit of video advertising – free traffic generator guide continues …

Make a video advertising your web website then publish it on any of the preferred video clip websites. Guide it on YouTube, or likewise on various social networking websites. Effort to make an appealing video clip which will definitely be valued by your target viewers. They will certainly spread it which would definitely be a fantastic sort of promotion for your website if they like your video. Make it an indicate include the web link of your site because video clip.

6. make a for free review or record and offer it away to your site visitors:.

Attempt to establish a record that is linked to your firm. A terrific means to market your internet site is to add an internet hyperlink of your internet site usually in the document. Give it away for free to various web site owners as early as you write the report. when you have the ability to disperse it freely to people on your internet site, you could easily ensure that you obtain a lot of website traffic.

7. Choose publishing cost-free ads – buy targeted website traffic

Promote in locations where you make certain to get website traffic. Although several of the for free ad online forums are just a waste of time, a few of them could really be of superb assistance.

Adhere to these suggestions and you will certainly have the capacity to encourage great traffic to your site and obtain your business growing.

Let’s Cover things up !!!

The only way in which you can do well and get excellent website web traffic is by having appropriate product in your website.

Connecting is a superb aged ways of creating considerable website web traffic to your site. Make a video clip promoting your net site and afterwards publish it on any of the well-liked video clip sites. Another fantastic procedure to promote your site is to feature a hyperlink of your website frequently in the evaluation. As quickly as you have the ability to distribute it freely to people along with web sites, you could ensure that you obtain a fantastic deal of web traffic. Thank you for reading my article on buy targeted traffic / free traffic generator .

Buy Cheap Dresses – Jessica Simpson Women’s Fit and Flare Dresses

Jessica Simpson Women’s Fit And Flare Dresses, Stripe Citronelle, 12

Product By Jessica Simpson Women’s Fit And Flare Dress, Stripe Citronelle, 12


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Buy Cheap Dresses - Jessica Simpson Women's Fit and Flare Dresses
Buy Cheap Dresses – Jessica Simpson Women’s Fit and Flare Dresses


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Buy Cheap Dresses - Jessica Simpson Women's Fit and Flare Dresses
Buy Cheap Dresses – Jessica Simpson Women’s Fit and Flare Dresses


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American idol – mariah carey nicki minaj mariah carey feuds

North Carolina always seemed like such a nice state. It’s the home of congenial American Idol alums Clay Aiken, Anoop Desai, Kellie Pickler and season 10 winner Scotty McCreery.


mariah carey nicki minaj – Wednesday night’s show started pleasant enough, with host Ryan Seacrest driving a race car enjoying the soothing sounds of the “Pina Colada” song, but that’s where the calm ended.


Cut to TMZ, and the dramatic foreshadowing of the brawl heard around the world. But first, the cameras rolled back six hours earlier and the arrivals of our judges: Nicki Minaj in full cotton candy hair, Mariah Carey playing up to reporters, Keith Urban with his adorable charm and Randy Jackson just being himself.


McCreery brought much of his aw-shucks wholesomeness in a brief appearance kicking off on Wednesday night’s edition of auditions, hugging adoring fans and appearing from a scissor lift smiling for the cameras outside the Time Warner Cable Arena.


“Two years ago, I was standing in the stands like y’all,” he said, recalling how Seacrest said that the next American Idol could be in the room. (mariah carey feuds)


A little later during auditions at the Charlotte Raceway, a cute exchange between Urban and Carey revealed how the star got into writing songs. She was 6 years old and began by writing poems.

“That’s such a great way to start,” he said.

But things looked like it would get nasty right quick, as the show actually did go “there,” airing the much-ballyhooed brouhaha between Minaj and Carey. Just how bad was it, and did it deserve the extra security measures Carey said she had to take?

The incident, which has been boiling under since the airing of the New York auditions, began over conflicted vocalist Summer Cunningham, a 20-year-old student from Georgia, and her audition of Bill Wither’s “Lean on Me.”

Cunningham was pretty enough, with a strong vocal and style, but her comment that she “did the country thing” insulted Urban, kicking off an inquisition that grated on Minaj, who loved Cunningham’s voice, tone and look. Jackson argued that Cunningham’s voice lent itself to country with her yodel, and Carey questioned if she loved country music when she was growing up.

“Is it your passion?” she asked.

So far, so tame, until Minaj, clearly irritated and rolling her eyes in disgust, called out the panel for starting a “country music debate.”

“We are scaring her into lying,” Minaj argued.

This prompted the greatest Idol war in all judging history that we, the viewers, didn’t really get to watch. There was an argument, yes, and Minaj did flee the room with a hearty “shut the f— up” after Jackson threw his 30 years of music industry experience in the “Pound the Alarm” singer’s face.

Still — country music was the catalyst for the whole hype? Go figure.

Carey got the last word in the fight, deadpanning, “That was my move.”

“I was going to do that the next time she ragged on me,” she said.

And that. Was. It.

All that hype, all that build-up, and THAT was the cause of the fight that lead Minaj to call Carey “her f—ing highness” in multiple leaked reports? It could be argued that Minaj actually had a POINT. Why are the others grilling the poor girl about her musical heart? On the flip side, this is television, and there is pressure to make things happen for the cameras.

Unfortunately, the whole thing took away from Cunningham’s moment, but to her credit, Minaj continued to advocate for the girl, long after she left the room with her ticket.

Just when it seemed the show was in jeopardy following a dramatic lockdown of auditions, a doe-eyed contestant reminded the panel of the true meaning of Idol.

Brandy Hamilton, a 25-year-old North Carolina Navy Reservist, was a bundle of nerves before her audition, as the only thing the media was crowing about was the fight. As she entered the room, she charmed the panel by informing them she used to get in trouble for “singing too much.”

Newly dubbed “honey pie,” Hamilton captivated with an Etta James song, “All I Could Do Was Cry,” and suddenly there was good will and peace in the room, as she was awarded with a ticket to Hollywood.

But as she walked to the door, Hamilton turned to the judges and put it all back into perspective.

“Please don’t fight,” she said in a moment reminiscent of Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol. “It makes us cry.”

With that plea, harmony was restored in the Idol universe. God bless us, everyone.

Thankfully, the show didn’t harp on the fight as much as it could have and instead blessed the viewers with some truly amazing talent — perhaps even a winner. Also enjoyable: a string of some of the most creative contestant nicknames a la Minaj yet (this blogger especially enjoyed the monikers “Fishnet Lady,” “Gumby,” “Ladybug” and “Chicken Lady”), and the most important cannon fodder for the blooper reel. Here are the moments that stood out:


American idol hit rock bottom when they got Nikki to be a judge

— Dread_HeadR8 (Austin Kirk) (@Dread_HeadR8) Thu Jan 24 2013

How to be a famous singer – Hayley williams brief story

color: #ff0000;">How to be a famous singer - To those that don’t know her, Hayley Williams is the lead vocalist and front woman of a band called Paramore. Before she even reached 17 years of age, she already received several awards for her voice and style.


Since 2004, the teenage band steadily rose to fame and it now remains one of the most popular alternative pop rock bands with female vocals. Most of the band’s appeal comes from the newness of having a female vocalist in an otherwise all-male band, fairly unique riffs, catchy melodies, and deeper and more mature lyrics than other bands their same age and genre.

how to be a famous singer
how to be a famous singer

But it’s undeniable that a huge part of Paramore’s success comes from their front woman’s mass appeal and superior vocal abilities in the high and low notes and she makes belting out huge notes seem so effortless, powerful, and precise.


Do you really want to know how to sing like Hayley Williams?

If we all had the privilege of looking at a great singer in the making backwards, we could see how they were vocally when they started out: not as polished and perfect, a little off pitch here, a little strain there, a little more average, more human, like the rest of us.

I think it’s very generous of Hayley to pay tribute to whom tribute is due in her vocal success: celebrity voice instructor Brett Manning, and how she gave the program an honest and open testimonial of her vocal journey.

color: #ff0000;">are you struggling in your single career or struggling with your voice highly recommended course on how to be a famous singer

Her popular Singing Success testimonial at YouTube may be something you wouldn’t bother viewing twice, but if you look closely and read between the lines, there’s gold to be gleaned from it, “vocal gold” that you can actually use for yourself!


Want to know how this Hayley’s simple Proactive-like testimonial can help YOU? Here Goes:

“When I was younger… it was really hard for me to get a lot of range without straining”

To begin with, Hayley Williams didn’t have a very high range. She had the potential to sing high, but was LIMITED at the start and also strained like most singers did when they tried to sing higher.


“and that’s when I decided…to look for someone that could help me…see what I’m doing wrong.”

If you’ve been going around in circles like her wondering why you don’t seem to be improving on your own, you should seriously consider getting help from a qualified voice instructor.

“I found Brett through a friend..I realized that this is who I need to be with.

There are many factors that make a voice teacher qualified, but go with your gut on how your teacher approaches your singing and observe how he or she hones your voice. Only YOU can know what is best for you. But on the whole, Singing Success seems to be getting a lot of positive feedback.

After 5 lessons I guess and I noticed a big difference already.

It’s important for you to realize that in-person voice lessons at Singing Success studios aren’t usually scheduled daily, but paced over a period of several days to weeks while the student works what he learned in-between. Realize that even with the best singing instruction in the world, your voice will only improve in proportion to how YOU work it given the correct technique.


He changed the way I was going about singing but he didn’t make me sing like somebody who I wasn’t.”

Voices are as diverse as the people who own them. One vital characteristic of a good voice teacher is working with what you have naturally been born with, only enhancing your strengths, correcting your wrongs, and strengthening your weaknesses. Run away from him if he tries to make you sing like someone else. However there IS a universal way on how sing properly. This is what you should learn to do.


“I kinda put all my faith in Brett and from the second he said, “You have no head voice. It’s like all this light airy falsetto that’s gonna tear you apart.”

Wow, the legendary vocal powerhouse Hayley Williams started out on a light airy falsetto? You heard it, her teacher said so himself! Not only did she start low, she also started out weak. Her voice wasn’t always as powerful before as it is now. Do you know what this means? If she could go from low to high and weak to strong, so can YOU!

Here’s another powerful secret hidden in her testimonial: head voice. Head voice is one of the building blocks to a strong, powerful high voice. It’s not the same as falsetto, but head voice in itself isn’t enough to sing powerfully high. The Singing Success program shows you how to develop head voice, as well as the two other essential components needed for that killer voice.

Another important thing: faith—specifically, faith in your instructor, the instruction, and faith in your own voice that with proper training it will do what you want it do eventually.

“…I just did the sounds ‘Brr’ ‘gugugug’ ‘whining baby cry nah-nah,’ ‘no-no-no’ and I was like, how is this gonna help me sing?”

Look at this very closely as she just name-dropped a few of the very same exercises that Brett Manning used on her to transform her voice from powerless to powerful. These are just silly syllables on a scale, but Singing Success teaches you how properly utilize these silly sounds to strengthen the vocal cords. Do you want to learn how?


“It’s been about 5 years since I’ve taken from him and I wouldn’t go to anyone else.

Hayley Williams has started taking voice lessons from Brett when she was 13. By the time this interview was taken, she was all famous already and 5 years have passed since. Those 5 years she spent with discipline on applying what she had learned with patience, persistence, and determination. Are YOU willing to work it for even half, one-third, or one-fourth the time and effort she did?

It has been said that anything worth having is hardly ever easy. After all is said and done, it’s really up to you to take the steps to make this dream come true.


So do you have what it takes to be the next Hayley Williams? Thanks for reading how to be a famous singer.


Sheen s new show – Charlie sheen’s awesome show has been given 90 shows on FX

color: #ff0000;">Sheen s new show - The Lionsgate-produced series has triggered a back order, with production resuming in September and new episodes to start airing in January.


After a 10-episode summer run, Sheen’s comeback comedy, Anger Management, has been granted a 90-episode order. Production will resume Sept. 24, with new episodes premiering in January. The show’s writing staff has been back at work since early July.

color: #ff0000;">optional recommendation you might like are you single ? just asking read more..

As part of the net’s pact with Lionsgate, the Sheen vehicle had to hit a certain undisclosed ratings threshold over the course of its run to move forward with 90 more episodes. During its first nine weeks on the air, the comedy delivered 4.53 million total viewers and 2.5 million in the coveted 18-49 demo. The final weeks took a substantial hit, likely impacted by the Olympics.

sheen s new show
sheen s new show


FX Networks GM John Landgraf told reporters gathered for the Television Critics Association’s semi-annual press tour in late July that the odds were “overwhelmingly” in the series’ favor, noting that he was pleased creatively and commercially with the effort. He urged critics, who have been less enthusiastic, to consider assessing the series more like comparable multicamera entries (Mike & Molly, Two and a Half Men) than typical FX fare (Louie, Wilfred).

“We set a very high ratings bar that included some additional hurdles for Anger Management to earn its back-90 order, and the series met and exceed those metrics,” said FX Networks executive vp Chuck Saftler at the time of the Wednesday renewal. “[Showrunner] Bruce Helford has created a sitcom that works extremely well in our pre-10 p.m. programming lineup. Charlie Sheen and the entire cast did an amazing job in the first 10 episodes, which were produced in a very tight window. I have no doubt that the producers and cast will be able to pull off the Herculean task of producing 90 episodes over the next two years.”



The half-hour show, which co-stars Selma Blair and Shawnee Smith, proved a boon for both the network and studio before it even premiered. While FX brass have kept mum on details, sources say Anger has sold at the highest CPM rates FX has seen for a first-year series. The studio, which with subsidiary Debmar-Mercury will begin peddling Anger to stations for a fall 2014 syndication debut, has sold the series in Canada, Latin America, Germany, Scandinavia and Australia, among other territories, for roughly $600,000 an episode, more than what established sitcom hits Seinfeld and Sheen’s own Two and a Half Men commanded out of the gate.


As the series embarks on its back 90, Martin Sheen will reprise his role as Charlie’s father on the show. The elder Sheen, who has turned up in one episode already, is expected to appear in some 20 of the 90 episodes, says sources, though execs involved insist that it won’t become “the Charlie and Martin Show.” As Landgraf sees it, the addition will make the series more of a “multigenerational family comedy,” much as Two and a Half Men once was with Sheen at the helm.


Management, the brainchild of Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer, hails from distributors Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein, co-presidents of Santa Monica-based Debmar-Mercury; Lionsgate Television; Revolution’s Joe Roth; Sheen manager Mark Burg‘s production company, Evolution Management; and Robert Maron. thanks for reading sheen s new show .


Latest News Emmy nominations 2012 – Full Nomination list

Let just go through this emmy nominations 2012 list and see what you guys think hmm


Series: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones, Homeland, Mad Men

This is pretty much what I expected. I don’t love Boardwalk Empire and would personally replace it with Parenthood, but I knew that was a pipe dream.

Lead Actor: Steve Buscemi for Boardwalk Empire, Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, Michael C. Hall for Dexter, Hugh Bonneville for Downton Abbey, Damian Lewis for Homeland, Jon Hamm for Mad Men

No surprises here.
Lead Actress: Glenn Close for Damages, Michelle Dockery for Downton Abbey, Julianna Margulies for The Good Wife, Kathy Bates for Harry’s Law, Claire Danes for Homeland, Elisabeth Moss for Mad Men

I know we all love Kathy Bates, but really, Harry’s Law? Come on. I was surprised that Jessica Pare didn’t get a nod, and obviously I would have loved to see Lauren Graham up there. But again, Parenthood = pipe dream.

Supporting Actor: Aaron Paul for Breaking Bad, Giancarlo Esposito for Breaking Bad, Brendan Coyle for Downton Abbey, Jim Carter for Downton Abbey, Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones, Jared Harris for Mad Men

No John Slattery? Are you people screwing with me? I know it was Jared Harris’s last season on Mad Men, but Slattery had an incredibly strong season. I would have picked him to win, and therefore think he deserves the nomination over anyone else included.

Supporting Actress: Anna Gunn for Breaking Bad, Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey, Joanne Froggatt for Downton Abbey, Archie Panjabi for The Good Wife, Christine Baranski for The Good Wife, Christina Hendricks for Mad Men

No Kiernan Shipka or Maise Williams. I guess it’s not a good year to be either of the two best tween actresses on the planet.

Writing:Downton Abbey (“Episode 7″, written by Julian Fellowes), Homeland (“Pilot”. written by Alex Gansa, Howard Gordon, Gideon Raff), Mad Men (“The Other Woman” written by Semi Chellas, Matthew Weiner), Mad Men “Commissions And Fees”, written by Andre Jacquemetton, Maria Jacquemetton), Mad Men “Far Away Places”, written by Erin Levy, Matthew Weiner)

I love Mad Men and don’t watch Breaking Bad (yet), but I have a feeling some people will be irked to see three episodes for Mad Men and none for Breaking Bad.


This is where things really went awry.

Series: The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Girls, Modern Family, 30 Rock, Veep

No Parks and Recreation? Are you KIDDING ME??? This is an absolute disgrace.

Lead Actor: Alec Baldwin for 30 Rock, Don Cheadle for House of Lies, Louis C.K. for Louie, Jon Cryer for Two and a Half Men, Larry David for Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jim Parsons for The Big Bang Theory

Don Cheadle? Really? The Emmys need to get over their infatuation with flashy movies stars switching to the small screen. And why does John Cryer ALWAYS get nominated for the worst show on TV? What about Rob Lowe or Adam Scott or Joel McHale or Zachary Levi? There are so many better options!

emmy nominations 2012
emmy nominations 2012

Lead Actress: Zooey Deschanel for New Girl, Lena Dunham for Girls, Edie Falco for Nurse Jackie, Tina Fey for 30 Rock, Julia Louis-Dreyfus for Veep, Melissa McCarthy for Mike & Molly, Amy Poehler for Parks and Recreation

I can take some comfort in knowing that Amy Poehler is still nominated I suppose.

Supporting Actor: Ed O’Neill for Modern Family, Jesse Tyler Ferguson for Modern Family, Ty Burrell for Modern Family, Eric Stonestreet for Modern Family, Max Greenfield for The New Girl, Bill Hader for Saturday Night Live

This is the category that always infuriates me most. The actors from Modern Family are taking up FOUR of the six spots, and the show had a pretty weak season. Besides, Ed O’Neill should probably be submitted for lead. It just seems so unfair. I’m livid that Nick Offerman is here, and as much as I enjoy Hader on SNL I’d much rather see one of the many other guys from the many great sitcoms on TV have that slot.

Supporting Actress: Mayim Bialik for The Big Bang Theory, Kathryn Joosten for Desperate Housewives, Julie Bowen for Modern Family, Sofia Vergara for Modern Family, Merritt Wever for Nurse Jackie, Kristen Wiig for Saturday Night Live

In this category, my wish list was Alison Brie on Community, Ellie Kemper on The Office, Busy Phillips on Cougar Town, Aubrey Plaza on Parks and Recreation, Casey Wilson on Happy Endings. None of these women scored nominations. I might punch someone.

Writing: Community (“Remedial Chaos Theory”, written by Chris McKenna), Girls (“Pilot”, written by Lena Dunham), Louie (“Pregnant”, written by Louie C.K.), Parks And Recreation “The Debate”, written by Amy Poehler), Parks And Recreation (“Win, Lose, Or Draw” written by Michael Schur)

How could Parks and Recreation be the only show to have two episodes nominated for writing, yet not be included in Best Comedy? It makes zero sense. And, you’ll notice, no writing nominations for Modern Family. Yet the Emmys seem to think it’s the greatest show on earth.

Full list of nominations.

What do you guys think? What snub makes you the angriest? I joked on Twitter that I’m boycotting the Emmys, but we all know I’m made up of lies and empty threats. So check back on the blog as we get closer to the awards for predictions from me and guest blogger Allison, and info on the annual Emmy Awards Prediction Contest! emmy nominations 2012

Satellite Direct Review watch cable tv online – legit or scam?over 3500 channels

Watch cable tv online – What is Satellite Direct?

Satellite Direct Computer software can be a system which you can use to stream your entire preferred Tv set channels onto your pc. All you will need to complete to utilize Satellite Direct will be to set up the software program onto your laptop or computer, and also you will get each and every satellite Television channel on your own laptop or computer. As all the Satellite Direct testimonials will let you know, you create a simple payment and acquire totally free satellite Television set to the relaxation of the lifestyle. If exactly what the Satellite Direct let you know is accurate, you then are assured to obtain the finest company with the lowest value. watch cable tv online


How Satellite Direct Can assist you

When it arrives all the way down to it, fairly than spending for the two a Tv set along with a satellite dish, it is possible to merely spend the onetime payment for Satellite Direct and hook up your Laptop to the Television. For generating your own personal residence theater, you’ll find the power to make use of a Computer with all your preferred satellite Television set channels linked to it is going to make creating a house theater a lot more affordable and less complicated. watch cable tv online


Think about that you simply will get each of the very best satellite Television set channels from throughout the entire world. No extended will it just be as part of your creativeness, but, as Satellite Direct will let you know, it is possible to get every one of the satellite Television set channels from nearly all of the nations throughout the entire world using the solitary obtain from the Satellite Television set Immediate. watch cable tv online


Satellite Direct Positive aspects

  • No month to month subscription – as opposed to the standard cable or satellite Television supplier, you’re no more time necessary to pay for for any month-to-month invoice. Think about you are able to conserve $100 each and every thirty day period.
  •  No added Components required – You do not have to purchase added wiring’s, dish, receiver or any extra components to produce it perform.
  •  Enormous Throughout the world Television Channels – It is possible to look at above 3500 High definition channels throughout the world immediately into your very own Computer.
  •  24/7 limitless entry – no bandwidth boundaries
  •  You will get vehicle channel updates


You may get the legal rights to work with this excellent software package for daily life with no bandwidth limitation and every little thing is involved inside a a single time price with no month to month expenses or additional costs at any time . watch cable tv online


The stream good quality is superb so you will not locate a simpler plan to make use of or realize. Satellite Direct Television set gives new launch film channels, Satellite Direct Rigolade, automobile racing channels, Entire world Cup soccer game titles, reports channels, documentaries, songs movies and much cable tv online


As soon as you’ve got checked out securely and created the 1 time payment, you need to move forward to obtain the set up computer software, which must be accomplished in only a number of minutes. When completed, it is possible to just operate the computer software so you can have entry to in excess of three,five hundred Television set channels with your monitor without needing to stress about spending payments each and every thirty day period once again. watch cable tv online


If you need to avoid wasting plenty of income, now’s the proper time and energy to commence. Be smart, get Satellite Direct and begin savoring a life span tv for under you have pay out your regular monthly cable support. And when you sign up for and turn out to be their own personal member, they’ll even present you the way to attach your Computer right into your quite very own Television set established! Learn more details on the top Television to Personal computer software program now, check out Satellite Direct now! watch cable tv online

watch cable tv online
watch cable tv online

It truly is about time that you just cost-free your self of costly cable Television and satellite Television set payments. Go to the Satellite Direct Television set Computer software web site nowadays and discover more details on the way you can begin seeing 1000s of tv channels straight in your Computer. Check out its internet site these days! watch cable tv online

Terry Crews latest celebrity news is to appear on Hbo series”The Newsroom” alongside jeff daniels

FLINT, MI—New HBO series “The Newsroom” already stars Chelsea native Jeff Daniels as anchor Will McAvoy, but the show is set to add even more Michigan flavor to the set.


Flint native Terry Crews, known for his roles in the likes of “Everybody Hates Chris,” “The Expendables” and various Old Spice commercials—will join the show in episode six on July 29, according to an Entertainment Weekly report.

Crews has been cast into a recurring role as a “bodyguard and unofficial life coach,” the report says, for his fellow Michigander Daniels’ character.

terry crews
terry crews

The show’s Facebook page and HBO’s official Twitter account announced yesterday that the show has been approved for a second season, despite only two episodes of the show having aired so far. The show, which chronicles the day-to-day happenings of the fictional Atlantis Cable News channel, is written and co-produced by Aaron Sorkin, known for creating “The West Wing,” Sports Night, Moneyball and The Social Network.


His role on “The Newsroom” continues a busy summer for Crews, a former star football player at Flint Southwestern Academy and Western Michigan University. He is set to portray weapons specialist Hale Caesar alongside Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone in “The Expendables 2,” which hits theaters on August 17. He also joins the likes of Dean Cain and Nick Lachey on “Stars Earn Stripes,” a reality show that pits celebrities under military training from armed forces and law enforcement members. read more

violin lessons for beginners Play violin today -The benefits of violin lesson

Music surrounds us. It is arguably the most effective conduit for the expression of emotions and ideas. In fact, it is so effective that we don’t even need words! Yet, we are so accustomed to listening to music that we often take it for granted.

I would like to propose that you join me on a short journey as we stop and smell the roses and contemplate the enriching benefits that violin lessons can bring to you or your child. You may reasonably ask: “Why specifically violin?” You may substitute the word “violin” for “voice, cello, or even kazzoo” if this makes you happy. As a professional violinist in Boston, however, I choose to speak about what I know best!

If I had to distill my personal reasons for pursuing my career as a musician into one word, it would be “Love”. In fact, I will go as far to say that this is the most important driving force behind doing anything worthwhile in this world. It doesn’t matter if you are a musician, doctor, or particle physicist. If you love to do something, the rest of your life will unfold like a flower.

violin lessons for beginners,
violin lessons for beginners

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “I was expecting a treatise on the benefits of music in education, brain development of babies, or, at the very least, an article about the sense of discipline that music can teach our children”! While I believe all of these elements to be important consequences of music lessons, they are just that: consequences. Furthermore, as a teacher, I do not know if my violin lessons will have the same impact on every student. This is a beautiful thing. After all, when we learn how to write, some of us use our education to produce novels, others create scientific articles, and others solve complex mathematical formulas. Some do all! Of course, if there is a particular need that I can fill through my lessons, such as a desire to bring structure into the life of a child, I am happy to comply.

The bottom line is that if a student, whether child or adult, shows an aptitude and desire to learn how to play the violin, the rest will follow. Yet, a partnership is needed between teacher and parent so that a student does not give in to the human impulse to give-up when things get harder (violin is not an easy instrument).

Let’s examine what I mean by the word “Love”, as stated above. The giver of love does so through an expression of support that allows the receiver to develop and grow without pressure. It is a sad testament to our society that many do not know what real love is.

I am very lucky. In my formative years, music was always taught to me through love. It was never forced and I was never pressured to be the best violinist in the world. As a result, I was able to figure out things for myself with the guidance of supportive teachers and parents. Because I didn’t feel the need to conform to the standards of others, I was able to find my own unique personal expression. In fact, the journey of personal expression continues to this day and changes in accordance to my surroundings. At heart, we musicians are communicators. As a teacher, my role is to give my students the technical tools to musically communicate. Of course, I have the obligation to teach the traditions of our musical forefathers, but when the student ultimately reaches a certain aptitude for the instrument and the appropriate historical style of the performance, the rest is up to him or her!

Sounds complex? Even a beginning 4 year old can transcend basic music through self expression. They don’t even have to try! Ever hear kids sing a playground song over and over (and over) again? What they are really doing is emoting through the music. As they “work it out”, they are perfecting their own expression in a unique way. Children are already creative by nature.

Applied to violin, once a child knows how to hold the violin and the bow, he or she can make up songs. Adult beginners can also find again what is all-too-often a long-lost creative impulse that we were all born with. In fact, practicing the violin is a wonderful outlet for this, and on an elemental level, is equivalent to singing in the shower. The beauty of this is that the journey never stops. What would you like to do with YOUR music? read more

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Latest News Teen Violin Star is Venezuela’s Youngest Conductor



At 2 years old, he was given his first musical instrument: a “cuatro,” or small four-string guitar. At 8, he cried with emotion at a brass band concert.

Now, at just 14, Jose Angel Salazar is Venezuela’s youngest orchestra conductor – the latest prodigy from his nation’s famed El Sistema (The System) music development program – and possibly the youngest in the world.

Since the mid-1970s El Sistema has taught hundreds of thousands of youths, many from impoverished homes in Venezuela’s tough slums, to play in orchestras. Supporters say it gives them discipline, cuts truancy and boosts self-esteem.


“For a boy of 14 to be conducting an orchestra at the same time as going to school is a miracle that only happens in Venezuela,” Salazar told Reuters in an interview last week on Margarita, the Caribbean island where he was born.

The teenager, who delights in the complex symphonies of Franz Schubert and overtures by Antonio Vivaldi, is the second of three siblings raised by two local schoolteachers.

At a concert that night, the other musicians applauded him warmly as he took the stage to conduct 40 other youngsters, many of them older than him. Smiling shyly, he raised his baton and silence fell before the first notes rang out.

After two pieces, he received a long standing ovation, with his proud family looking on from a private box.

Jose Antonio Abreu, a local pianist, politician and economics professor, founded El Sistema in 1975 to get poor youngsters off the street, especially in shantytown “barrios” with some of the highest murder rates in the world, by offering them a classical musical education focused on ensemble playing.

Today, it is made up of 180 orchestras and about 350,000 youths, some 2,000 of whom recently flooded the Caracas metro to play in a simultaneous concerts at 23 stations.

Its most well-known alumnus is 31-year-old Gustavo Dudamel, who is now director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and shot to rock-star levels of fame after leading Venezuela’s Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra at rapturously received concerts worldwide.

Another prodigy is Edicson Ruiz, who at 17 became the youngest musician to join the Berlin Philharmonic.

Youth orchestras inspired by Abreu’s methods are being set up in places including Los Angeles, Scotland and Spain.


Salazar, who spoke to Reuters between rehearsals while wearing his high school uniform – a pale blue polo shirt, says he too hopes to travel the world one day, thanks to music.

In preparation, he said he plans to study languages after he leaves school in two years’ time. And, as a fan of Schubert, he says he will start with German.

His love of Schubert, and classical music in general, began when he was age 8 and he saw a concert in Margarita by a local brass band with a trumpet player from the Berlin Philharmonic.

“I wanted to play the trumpet. … I remember crying three times because of the impression the music made on me,” he said.

He soon gave up karate lessons in favor of his new passion.

He began by learning the recorder, which all initiates to El Sistema are taught, and then the violin. He excelled at that instrument and was soon named as a concertmaster – or the leader of the first violin section of the orchestra.

Salazar, who also plays the guitar and the “cuatro,” said the first time he directed the orchestra it was spontaneous.

“I was playing (the violin) and there was a teachers’ meeting so our teacher had to leave. Since no one was left in charge, I put down the violin and began to conduct,” he said with a smile.

Before long, Salazar was conducting boys twice his age, but always under the watchful eye of his teacher, Felipe Izcaray.

His life has changed a lot. After school he runs, without changing his uniform, to rehearse late into the night. It is only during the weekends when there are no concerts that he has something resembling a normal teenage life with his friends.

One day, he dreams of conducting at New York’s storied Carnegie Hall, or the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

“I want to continue developing myself so that in the future I can pass on the gifts that I’m receiving now,” Salazar said….More at Teen Violin Star is Venezuela’s Youngest Conductor – Latinos Post

Top 4 Ways To Make Money With Your Digital Camera

Ways to make money with photography – As a stay at home mom looking for supplemental income, the most important thing we can do is to look for a way to earn money with one of our hobbies or interests.

Making money at home does not have to be direct sales or network marketing. There are infinite possibilities available to make money at home.

One hobby my sister has always loved is photography. Since we were little, she used to pour thorough photo books, and take various pictures of strange objects with her camera. Once digital cameras came on the marketplace, she has had one on her at all times.

But she never really went to any class on learning how to take professional photos. So imagine her happy surprise when she realized how easy it was to earn additional income through her digital photography hobby, despite the fact that she had no formal training!

There are many ways you can earn money with your digital camera at home. Here are a few of my favorites.

ways to make money with photography
ways to make money with photography

1. Selling Stock Photos

There is a huge online market for royalty free stock photos. Simply put, photographers, both professional and new amateurs just coming on the market, take a wide variety of photos on everything. These photos can be of people, places, things, events, you name it.

The photos are then uploaded to one of dozens of profitable stock photo sites where individuals and companies all over the world can purchase the rights to use them for a relatively low price. They then use these photos royalty free on their website, in promotional materials for their companies, and for other uses.

The photographer gets paid for each person who buys their photo. The more photos they take, the more money they make!

2. Photography Field Services

A little known way of making money with your digital camera is by taking pictures for insurance companies and financial institutions.

Whenever a home loan is refinanced, the financial institution will pay a photographer to go out to the property and take a few snapshots of the home for appraisal purposes. The photographer does not interact with the home owners, and is generally paid a very decent fee.

This type of work can also be done for foreclosures, repossessions, insurance claims, and other types of insurance and financial institution needs. The photographer generally needs little to no experience in order to get these types of positions.

The best part about doing these first two types of digital photography work is that you can usually take your children with you! The perfect work at home solution for a mother who has small children at home.

3. Freelance Photography

Once your photography skills improve, you can even branch out into your own freelance photography business. There are many different options for this type of work.

You can take pictures professionally for occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, graduation, and new babies. Or you can even start to take photos to submit to magazines and news publications.

There is a huge, growing market in this field.

4. Mystery Shop Audits

For those who are familiar with secret shopping or mystery shopping, adding in your skills as a digital photographer can come in handy. Many mystery shop companies have auditing assignments available which require a few photos to be taken.

The pay for these shops is generally low, about what a typical mystery shop would pay, but the amount of paperwork to be filled out is usually less, making audits an attractive addition to your mystery shopping skills.

My sister, the family photographer, is currently taking stock photos to list up on one of the major sites. She is excited to be putting her favorite hobby to use, and plans on eventually making this her full-time income.

Make Money Online With Photography – 6 Ways to Earn From Your Photos

Over half of photographers are freelancers. There is no doubt that photography can offer great opportunities to earn money from one’s skills. Making money with photography can be achieved in a variety of ways. Make sure you combine several of them and your photography business will do more than just break even.


Sell your photos on the web. Put up and market a photography website. Market your rights to your photographs on display on the Internet. To repetitively earn from the same photo, don’t sell full rights. Instead, demand payment only for licenses to utilize the photos. Putting up your own website requires time and monetary investments on domain hosting as well as marketing. However, when you succeed in drawing in more traffic to your site and upload more photos later, your website venture can turn out to be quite lucrative.

make money online with photography
make money online with photography

Shoot real estate properties with your camera. Market your photography services to real estate businesses by getting in touch with them. You can then promote yourself and your photography skills. Remember your fees will be open for discussion. The job might not be frequent but it’s a productive way for you to spend your vacant periods from other assignments.


Take photos for auction items. Sites like eBay are great places to start. Online selling definitely has a market for freelance photographers. Items are seldom auctioned off without the seller posting a photo or two of the item. Although you will receive a one-time income only from the pictures, the technique is an excellent way to strengthen your portfolio and make a name for yourself among clients. Aside from auction sites, some other websites and magazines may also require your photography services. Check out who else and which publications or sites you can work for.


Create an online library of stock photos and promote it online. Expect to become best friends with two circles of professionals: the graphic designers and the web designers. For many of them, paying for large libraries of pictures is a much better option that having to purchase photo rights individually. After you’ve set up your library, organize the collections by theme. Then sell them to interested web and graphic designers.


Earn profit using Microstock photos sites. Microstock is very similar to the way stock libraries are run. Basically, for each download or rights purchase made, you get to earn some money. It’s a superb way to continuously generate income for photos which you long took. There are plenty of microstock photos sites on the web. Select the ones you are most comfortable with and get uploading your best shots.


Sell your work using CafePress and other online stores. Post your photos alongside the myriad of products for sale, then promote the stores selling the products. If you do this, you not only earn whenever customers buy the products, but you also get to tap the power of free advertising as you spread the word about your photography to the rest of the world. The cost of printing out ads or hoarding stocks is practically nil. So long as the product is selling, you can expect your earnings to flow continuously.


Each technique tells you how exactly you can make your photography business profitable. From the type of technique you wish to employ to the income bracket you want to be in, all things related to profitable photography will depend on you and the efforts you exert to reach your goals.

How To Make Money With Photography – Make easy money with photography

Make easy money with photography – There are many ways to make money online with photography, but a popular and fairly new way is through Micro Stock Photography websites.


Micro stock is simply photography that’s sold at deep discounts. Clients are able to license stock photos for just $1 or $2, and photographers earn money each time a client chooses one of their photos.


Micro stock is considered to be still in it’s infancy, and some people feel it’s wrong to sell photography at such low prices. Particularly since many professional photographers invest a lot of time and money on equipment, learning, and photo shoots.


For the beginning photographer though, micro stock photo agencies can be ideal places to start. Since entry requirements are not overly restrictive, many hobby photographers with inexpensive cameras have already started making a nice second income from their pictures.


How Does It Work?


The process of making money from your photography through micro stock agencies is fairly simple.


1. Research popular micro stock photography agencies online. There are quite a few of them, but you’ll want to start with just one or two until you get the hang of things.


2. Choose your absolute best pictures to submit. Some agencies require you to submit 10 pictures for review when you apply for an account with them, while others only require three the first time. Most don’t have minimum requirements though, and you can start by submitting just one.


3. Your pictures will be reviewed by humans, and accepted or rejected into the micro stock photography site. If they’re accepted, they’ll be available for clients to “buy”.


Technically they’re not fully buying your pictures though. They’re simply licensing the pictures for specific use. Usually micro stock photography is used in websites, though sometimes it’s used in advertisements, brochures and other marketing materials. The photographer always retains full copyrights to their photos though, and is normally able to sell the same photos over and over again to additional clients.

Make easy money with photography
Make easy money with photography

And this is the beauty of stock photography. Once you’ve taken a great picture and had it accepted into a stock photography portfolio, that one picture can continue earning you money month after month… sometimes year after year.


Most micro stock photography agencies pay $0.20 – $0.50 per picture license, or download. This may not seem like much, however a good photographer with several hundred pictures for sale could make a nice second income over time, because it all adds up!


There’s a lot more to the stock photography business, which we don’t have room to cover in just one article. You’ll find expanded details about making money with stock photos in the books noted below.

How to Sell Beats make your own beats online

make your own beats online – So you’re a music producer with a catalog full of beats. You know your beats are fire hot and you believe you can make some money off them. You can create beats in no time but one thing you don’t know is how to sell beats. You’ve made beats CDs and sent them out to labels and artists but you never got anything going consistently. How to sell beats is the burning question in your mind. make your own beats online


First of all, you need to begin to look at beat selling from a different point of view. You should look at selling beats as a business and not just something to do every now and then. make your own beats online


The foundation of any business success is to get education about the business. It doesn’t matter what business it is. Learning about the business of beat selling should be you first step. There are several courses on the Internet that teach you how to sell beats. They come in different formats such as ebooks and/or videos. I think videos are the best because you can actually see what to do instead of just reading about it. make your own beats online


Once you’ve got the knowledge of how to sell beats, your next question should naturally be “where do music producers sell their beats?” make your own beats online


make your own beats online
make your own beats online

The Internet is a global marketplace and your beat buyer could come from anywhere. You’re job is to make it easy for them to find you. There are free sites like MySpace and Soundclick that allow you to upload beats and sell. make your own beats online


You can also buy a domain name, get a web host and sell your beats on your own website. Selling from your own website gives you more control of how to sell your beats. It will cost money but if you learn how to market your beats you should make lots more money than you’re spending each month on hosting and advertising. A combination of selling on your own site as well as free sites is the best strategy. make your own beats online


Either way you choose to sell your beats, you’ll need a PayPal account or some way to process the payments. PayPal is free to join and the transaction fees they charge are tiny in comparison to the money you could potentially make. make your own beats online


Once you’ve got your websites set up and your PayPal account then its time you use what you learned about marketing your beats and start driving traffic to your sites. If people don’t know you have beats for sale then you won’t make much money. The key is to keep your website in front of potential beat buyers. make your own beats online

color: #ff0000;"><< get instant access to best and easy course on how to sell beats online make your own beats online >>

Beats for cheap Selling Beats Online – Where To Start

beats for cheap – Selling beats online can be a very profitable business for music producers. Most producers fail to make significant money from selling their beats online simply because they don’t know how to do it effectively. beats for cheap


Just throwing a few beats online and thinking artist will flock to buy is not enough. If you really want to make the big money (6 figures a year or more) you have to understand thoroughly marketing and promotion. You have to understand why people buy and most of all how to drive targeted traffic. beats for cheap


The problem most producers have is they don’t where to start to sell beats online. Well you have a few choices. beats for cheap


1. You could purchase domain and hosting for cheap and have a web designer make you a music webpage to sell your beats.

2. You could use 3rd party arbitrage sites that allow producers to upload their beats so artist can purchase and download instantly.

3. Put your music on huge communities like myspace and soundclick and let artist contact you to purchase beats.


beats for cheap
beats for cheap


All of these methods can result in a good amount of money if done right.

It is a good idea to do all of those methods to make as much money as possible.


You have to treat this like a business and not like a hustle. Your in the business of selling music, and your beats are the product. Your customers are music artist (mostly up and coming) looking for affordable beats to record their tracks to. beats for cheap


Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it will take time and dedication to start making the big bucks when you start to sell beats online. It is hard work, but worth it in the long run. beats for cheap


It is also a good idea to have at least 50 hot beats already made and ready to be sold. 50 is a good amount because it gives the artist a few beats to choose from. beats for cheap


Remember to work on your business everyday and I guarantee you will be successful. beats for cheap

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How To Sell Beats Online

How to sell your beats online is a challenge that all those who want to sell their beats go through. Who do I sell my beats to? What price should I ask? Do I want to give up exclusive rights? Do I want to control the marketing of my beats? These questions and more go through everyone’s mind when they start the marketing process. There is really no specific yes or no answer to any of these questions. It is all about what your personal preference is and how you want to influence the beat market. There are many online businesses that are willing to help you sell your beats or maybe you want to start our own online business to sell your beats. Either way a thorough research of marketing is necessary.

Producers always ask “how do I sell my beats online?”. This is best accomplished by building your own website to conduct your business. There are many website construction software programs on the market that are easy to use and setup. Next you will need to establish a domain name that is unique and stands out from all the other online businesses. A quick search of the Internet for selling beats will produce a lot of results. So you have to have a unique name that distinguishes you from all the others in the crowd.

There are businesses online that will allow you to purchase domain names that have not been used. The purchase of a domain name is inexpensive and once you purchase it no one else can use it until you let it go. Once you have decided on a domain name, you will need to find some one that will host your website. This can be inexpensive of expensive depending on how many pages you need and how much you intend to store on the website. A quick search of website hosting companies will give you an idea of cost. Normally you want to start small, see how things go and then hopefully expand.

Once your website is up and running you will need to market it to let people know that you are out there and seeking their business. This can be accomplished by making sure that your website is search engine friendly, using keywords on the pages that make you unique from the others on the market. There are search engines that will allow you to advertise your website on similar websites for a fee. The only time you pay is when someone clicks on your add. This is good, because you draw more attention from all search engines when this happens.

So if you want to sell your beats online you will need to establish a website that identifies you from the crowd. You can have the best sound on the market and all your friends say you are the best they have ever listened to, but unless you market your beats, no one outside your neighborhood will now that you exist. The short answer to the questions of how do I sell my beats online is that when you have decided that you want to sell your beats, it all depends. Do not sell the exclusive rights to anyone cheaply and try to keep control of the marketing. Establishing your own online business will help you accomplish your goal of selling your beats online.

How to Sell Beats Online

Hi, My name is Chris Bala and I am an online beat-seller. I have been selling beats online for about a year now and I can say that I am pretty successful doing so. My first month I generated over $2,000 off beats. So if you want some information on selling beats online, I can definitely help you out. With that being said, I will drop you a few pointers here to get you started on the right foot in your beat selling career. Let’s break it down.

So you finally built yourself up a nice catalog of beats, you set up your website, and now you are ready to sell your beats online. This is sometimes the only thing producers get right when starting up their online business. The most critical aspect of selling beats online is not how hot your beats are, how much beats you have, or how fancy your website graphics are. The number one thing to make sure you get right is the marketing, period. So to save you a whole lot of time, I am going to break down the beat selling process in the most efficient manner for you to grasp. You ready? Alright let’s begin.

Tip #1 : Beat Selection

When a rapper comes to your website to look for beats, what do you think is on his mind? The number one thing that is on his/her mind is beats. But it’s not just one type of beat that is on his mind. Just think about it, the rapper has a mixtape or album ready to be made, and they are in need of a bunch of tracks,, not just one single genre of beats. So in order for you to up your chances of getting sales, you need to offer a variety of beat genres. By doing so, you will give the rapper SELECTION, which will better your chances of getting more sales.

Tip #2: Prices

Here is another critical aspect of selling beats online. You need to make sure your prices hit the “Sweet Spot”. Now by this I mean you need to have your prices set to where it is most affordable for your customers, yet still profitable for you. Now there is a technique to this. You see, the average price for leasing a beat online is at $25. So the happy medium for you to have your beats should be around $19.95-$20.00. I personally have had the best success pricing my beats at these prices. Remember, your goal is to stand out from your competitors, so by having more affordable beats, you will definitely stick in the minds of your site visitors, and by setting the price according to the happy medium, you are still making profit. It’s a win win situation.

Tip #3: Giving Away Free Beats

Here is one of my secret weapons right here. A lot of producers will give you a lot of different opinions regarding free beats, but I can say for sure that it will help you out big time by doing so. Here is why. If you give away a free beat with your website or producer name tag on it, you will get your name out there by basically doing nothing. The rapper will download the free beat, make a song to it, then put it up on YouTube or MySpace. Then when other rappers listen to the song they made, they will hear your tag and eventually check you out if they like the beat. It is definitely one of the most efficient ways to getting exposure.

Tip #4: Customer Service

This is one area where about 90% of producers slack off. You need to be able to respond to customer questions pronto. If you receive emails regarding any questions about purchasing beats or anything of that nature, you need to respond asap. Just think about it. Every person who emails you a question or shows interest in your product is a POTENTIAL customer. Now just imagine if you can answer every potential customers question quickly. You are going to see a lot more conversions of potential customers into regular repeating customers because you are building comfort with them. This is a BIG part of business, you have to build comfort.

Learn To Sell Beats Online how to sell beats online on soundclick

how to sell beats online on soundclick – If you are looking how to effectively sell rap beats and hip hop beats online, there are many ways of going about doing this. Selling beats online is the fastest way to get your music to the mass of rap artists who are looking to buy beats online. Knowing how to sell your music is not very complicated but can be very time consuming if you don’t know which places are the most effective for selling your beats online. how to sell beats online on soundclick


How to sell beats online on soundclick – I have been selling beats online for a number of years and was one of the first hip hop producers to start utlilizing this resource. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of websites that you can go to and sell your beats online if you don’t have your own website to sell beats on. how to sell beats online on soundclick


The first website that I recommend is because they have been giving rap producers exposure for a number of years and get plenty of traffic to their site. To sell your beats on their site you can either open a free basic membership or you can pay a monthly fee for a VIP account that gives you more features and advantages to sell your rap beats online. how to sell beats online on soundclick


The next site that I recommend is and this site is run by a platinum artist producer who has produced hits for many well know artists. The good part about his site is that you can be an exclusive member for only $6.95 per month and get all of the commission for your beats compared to some of the other sites who will take a certain part of your sales. how to sell beats online on soundclick


how to sell beats online on soundclick
how to sell beats online on soundclick

If you don’t have the money to buy an exclusive membership, they do offer a free basic membership but the commission structure isn’t that bad either. You might want to start selling your beats there with a free membership and once you start making some sales, update your status to exclusive. how to sell beats online on soundclick

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